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Hardwood Flooring
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Ceramic Tile
$6.49 sq. ft. installed
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Choose Fancy Home & Flooring to sand and polish your wood
floors for the  following reasons:

  • FREE in-home estimates
  • Professional advice from our flooring experts
  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Home Improvement Licensed
  • We measure and install your floors
  • Professional and guaranteed installation by our in-house trained sanders
  • 100% satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Product knowledge to assist in making the best choices for your home or office
  • Hardwood flooring; Repair, Installation, Sand and Finishing

Wood floor sanding and finishing will bring new life to your floors, and create the type of elegance
and beauty that you generally only find in style hardwood flooring magazines. Fancy Home &
Flooring has professional and experienced floor sanders and polishers that exceeds any
expectations you may have when it comes to service, quality, and affordability.

Quality at Great Prices

Our highly qualified skilled and professional sanders will shine your hardwood floors like brand
new again at the highest standard quality and services with an affordable rate.

Fancy Home & Flooring are leading experts in wooden floor sanding and refinishing, and we
will be able to make the highest end result that will keep your hardwood floors looking fresh and
alive once again. Having wood floors at your home has many advantages, including adding
luxurious look and style and easy to maintain that can't be achieved through other flooring option.

Thus, it does worth to keep your hardwood floors in pristine condition, as this is often the
decorative point of your home. We would love to assist you with your next hardwood floor sand
and finishing project. Call us today for more information.

There are four categories of Hardwood Floors:

  • oil-based finishes
  • solvent-based polyurethane finishes
  • composite finishes (combination of oil-based and solvent-based polyurethane finishes)
  • water based finishes

Oil-based finishes
Oil-based finishes (alkyd/oleoresins) are the more traditional types of finish manufactured by
reacting a natural oil (e.g. linseed and tung) with another chemical. Varnishes and the traditional
tung oils fall within this category and are associated with the polished and waxed timber floors of
the past. These types of finishes are still available and require greater regular maintenance than
the other finishes. However, with the use of acrylic floor polishes, they have become easier to
maintain. These finishes will darken with time. They are unlikely to edge bond boards.

Solvent based polyurethanes
Solvent based polyurethanes (one pack and two pack) provide a harder finish, generally with
limited flexibility but much greater abrasion resistance. Consequently, this greatly reduces the
level of routine maintenance. They currently provide some of the hardest finishes available today
with gloss levels from matt through to a very high gloss. These finishes, as with the oil-based
finishes, will generally darken with time. The odour during application is very strong with these
products but dissipates as the finish dries. Due to their high strength and generally limited
flexibility, edge bonding of boards can occur.

Water Based Finishes
Some water based polyurethane/acrylic mixes of moderate durability are available but straight
one and two pack water based polyurethanes with very good wear resistance are gaining in
popularity. These finishes are generally applied over a sealer (either solvent or water based),
that not only enhances the colour of the timber but can significantly reduce the risk of edge
bonding. Rapid shrinkage in the floor and the associated stretching of the finish at board joints
has on occasions caused the appearance of light coloured lines at board joints. Matt through
to gloss finishes are available and these finishes generally darken little with time. During
application there is low odour associated with water based finishes. A curing additive (catalyst)
may or may not be recommended by the manufacturer.

Composite Oil-Based/Solvent Borne Finishes
Finishes containing oil-based alkyds with the addition of urethanes provide a finish with reasonably
good abrasion resistance. Oil modified urethanes, which are one of the predominant floor finishes
used in the USA and many of the ‘tung oil ´ based finishes are of this type. The odour during
application is very strong but dissipates as the finish dries. These finishes provide a subdued,
satin to semi-gloss appearance and are unlikely to edge bond boards. They darken with time and
require more frequent maintenance particularly in high traffic areas. Acrylic floor polishes may be
used to protect the finish.

Rockville Carpet & Flooring can assist you with any of above categories to sand and refinish
your wood floor depending the age and wear of your existing floor.

Floor finish includes:   

  • Polyurethane (solvent based)
  • Polyurethane (water based )
  • Base Coat                                                 
  • Tung Oil
  • Modified Oil
  • China Wood Oil (Organ Oil)
  • Floor Staining: Achieving a dark color if necessary

You may choose a different color  for your hardwood floor by applying oil-based stain. Any hardwood flooring
can be stained into your desired color which brings a dull looking floor back to life.

Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors
Fancy Home & Flooring Services offer the finest quality workmanship in sand and
Finishing Interior hardwood floors & Exterior hardwood decks. We serve the entire
Montgomery County area including Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring,
Chevy Chase, Kensington, Gaithersberg, Germantown, Olney, Poolsville
and Potomac and Washington DC Metro.

Hardwood staining colors could be:

  • Light Oak Hardwood Floor Staining
  • Medium Oak Wood Floor Staining
  • Dark Oak Wood Floor Staining
  • American Walnut Hardwood Floor Staining
  • Teak Hardwood Floor Staining
  • Teak Hardwood Floor Staining
  • Mahogany Hardwood Floor Staining
  • Ebony Hardwood Floor Staining
  • Antique Pine Hardwood Staining
  • Whitewash Hardwood Staining
  • Jacobean Dark Oak Staining

Fancy Home & Flooring serves the entire Montgomery County area including
Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Gaithersberg,
Germantown, Olney, Poolsville and Potomac and Washington DC Metro.

We carry a number of eco-friendly products and also work effectively with all of our suppliers to
make certain that they are using environmentally sound practices in the manufacturing of their
carpet, vinyl and hard surface flooring. We are proud to say that almost every vendor is actively
working to improve their carbon footprint. Additionally, we now recycles every bit of the existing
flooring we remove from your home when we install new flooring. From pads, to hard-wood and
fibers, it all gets recycled and processed for reuse.

We are providing top quality flooring at competitive prices to our customers throughout the
greater Washington DC metro area. Carrying the finest flooring industry brand names, providing
professional installations and guaranteeing customer service all make Fancy Home
Flooring your number one choice for all your flooring needs including Carpet,
Hardwood floors, Vinyl, Ceramic Tile, Laminate and Sand & Finishing .  

Please contact (301) 217-0004 for all your flooring questions!
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sanding and polishing wod flooring
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sand and finishing hardwood floor

                 "Fancy Home & Flooring, Your Contractor For Life"

If you need to sand and refinish an old installed
hardwood floor or simply maintaining your current
indoor or outdoor hardwood floors,  Fancy Home
& Flooring experienced staff can assist  to handle
your project efficiently and professionally. Our trained
and experienced technicians will be able to finish your
entire flooring project including:

  • Removal and Disposal of Carpet
  • Hardwood Floor Sanding
  • Hardwood Floor Staining
  • Hardwood Floor Polishing and Finishing
  • Flooring Installation

About Us
Fancy Home & Flooring is a family owned business
and one of the well known names in floor coverings in
Rockville, Maryland. We offer high quality service you
expect from a family owned operated store.

Our Sevices
Our highly qualified skilled professional sanders will shine your hardwood floors
like brand new again at the highest standard quality with an affordable rate. Weather
your existing hardwood floor is sold or engineered, our professional sanders will give
the highest standard finish to your wood floors.

Our Mission
Our mission is to enhance and improve the quality of life for all jobs by providing
quality product, a superior workmanship and services in the flooring industry.
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Sand and Finishing - Hardwood Floor
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Sand and Polishing - Wood Flooring
Sanding & Finishing - Family Room
Sanding & Restoration - Kitchen Wood Floor
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Wood Floor Restoration - Foyer and Hallway
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